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WWW Warn

Recently, there has been an influx of domains being registered that start with "WWW".

For many years, starting a site (like with the www prefix was commonplace, however the concerning domains are ones that lack the period: If you're not careful, you can potentially lose accounts due to phishing.

To protect yourself and those you care for, we created a Google Chrome extension called "WWW Warn". This tool collects none of your data.

Give it a download here!


v0.0.3 - October 23rd, 2020:
  • A typo was found in the extension info box
  • A bug existed where navigating to the corrected URL would navigate to an extension page
  • Improved the readability and appearance of the blocked page
  • Cleaned out and better structured CSS and Javascript
  • Added the ability to report domains

v0.0.2 - October 20th, 2020 - Initial Release!